Ancient Rome History

According to legend, Ancient Rome was founded by the two brothers, and demi-gods, Romulus and Remus, on 21 April 753. The legend claims that, in an argument over who would rule the city, Romulus killed Remus and named the city after himself. Ancient Rome was a fascinating civilization, with many influential people that are still known today. Take this quiz to find out how much you know about Ancient Rome.

Who was NOT one of the conspirators involved in the assassination of Julius Caesar?

Which power did Rome fight against in the Punic Wars?

What did Julius Caesar do that so raised the ire of certain senators to the point that they decided to assassinate him?

What ancient civilization is considered to be the founders of Rome?

This Roman emperor was known for his decadence and wickedness. He even considered making his horse a senator! His name comes from the Latin for "little boot" and he was murdered by his Praetorian Guard in AD 41. Who was he?

According to Roman mythology, Rome was founded by twin brothers Romulus and Remus. At one point they were abandoned to die, but were then saved by what type of animal?

Julius Caesar's sole heir later became Augustus, the first emperor of Rome. Who was he?

This Roman emperor was known for his stoic philosophical writings. Who was he?

Who was the first Roman emperor to convert to Christianity?