Architecture Quiz

Go on and explore the different architectural styles!  See how much you know about it by taking this easy quiz.

These were some of the earliest large structures built by mankind. What are they called?

This structure is found in Athens, Greece on top of Acropolis hill. Called the Parthenon, what purpose did it serve?

This building is found in Rome. There were hundreds of buildings like this one throughout Rome; the Romans called them "thermae." Inside, there were rooms called frigidarium, tepidarium, and caldarium. They were popular meeting places for the ancient Romans. What do we call them?

This structure is a special kind of church. It derives its name from the fact that it is the seat of a bishop. This one in the picture is in Salisbury, England and is known for its high spire. What do we call a church like this?

Our next example of a type of architecture is the stately residence of a king or queen, doge, or powerful nobleman or church official. The one shown here is in Honolulu, and was once the residence of Queen Liliʻuokalani. What are buildings like this called?

The first of this type of building was built in Chicago in 1885. It takes its name from its great height, and is usually found in large cities. What are these very tall structures called?

This type of architecture is a place where things are manufactured. What is the general name for one of these industrial buildings?