Barbecue Around the World

Barbecuing is one of the defining features of a country’s cuisine. Nearly every country does it, and thinks their way of doing it is the best. No matter where you go, where there is smoke there is also fire, and for sure there is someone throwing a bit of meat on it. Take this quiz to find out how much you know about Barbie around the world.

Barbecues are very popular all over the United States. In the southeastern states, what meat has traditionally been used for barbecues?

In Hong Kong, pork barbecue is made with a marinade of honey and soy sauce, and cooked in long, narrow strips. What is this form of barbecue known as?

South Africans consider the barbecue to be part of their national cuisine. What word do they use to refer to a barbecue?

Which of the following is a Mongolian barbecue technique that involves layering heated stones and meat, usually lamb, in a pot to cook?

An old-fashioned Australian barbecue, or 'barbie', is likely to feature snags. This type of barbecue is especially commonly used as a fundraiser outside supermarkets and at election-day polling booths. What is a snag?

The word 'barbecue' is thought to be derived from the Taino word 'barabicu', meaning 'sacred fire pit'. Where in the world do these creators of barbecue live?

What is the name for the Jamaican barbecue technique of rubbing the meat with a hot spice mixture containing allspice and Scotch bonnet peppers before smoking it over a wood charcoal fire?