Brand names used as generic

Many products in American society are referred to by a brand name that belongs to just one particular product. For example, we often use “scotch” to refer to any adhesive tape. Did you get the picture? Take this quiz to see which brand names are used to name the following products.

What brand name is used by many Americans to refer to all photocopying machines in general?

What brand name is often used by Americans to refer to adhesive bandages?

What brand name it's used to refer to transparent adhesive tape that Americans hardly know what to call the tape if they do not use the brand name?

What brand name is almost always used by Americans to refer generically to any cylindrical tube of lip balm?

What is the brand name used by most Americans to refer generically to any re-adhesive stationery?

What brand name do almost all Americans use to refer to any generic gelatin dessert?

What term is often used by American people to refer to facial tissue paper, particularly that used for purposes like wiping one's nose?

What term is often used by many people (particularly people in the U.S. South) to refer to all soda or pop?