Can you guess astrological signs by descriptions?

Here are some short descriptions based on zodiac signs. Can you guess them? Can you guess your own sign? Take this quiz to see how many signs can you recognize.

This sign can be creative, very proud, and sometimes seems unapproachable. On the negative side, they can be dogmatic and patronizing. It's hardly surprising that the animal that represents this sign is known as the king amongst animals.

This sign is passionate and intense. But beware, anyone who gets on the wrong side of them. You don't want to feel the sting in their tail!

This sign's traits are humanitarian and independent. Although friendly and sympathetic, it's hard to feel close to this sign. They are usually intellectually and unconventional.

This sign is ambitious but also careful and prudent, patient and persevering. Sometimes they cab be pessimistic and have a mean side.

This sign is described as being discriminating, analytical, modest and tidy. They also tend to worry and sometimes can be very critical.

This sign is described as a pioneering and adventurous spirit. It is very energetic but also impatient and an have a quick temper.

People born under this sign are considered to be the diplomats of the zodiac. Harmony and balance are traits prized by them.

This sign has a love for freedom and adventure. Jovial and open minded but also prone to exaggeration. Sports often attract this sign.

This sign has a great need for security. They are persistent, strong-willed, rock-steady and solid. They don't lose their temper easily but when they do, watch out!

This sign is kind, sensitive and thoughtful but can become moody and short and snappy. They usually have a strong maternal or paternal feelings. Just like the creature that symbolize them, they have a tough exterior but a soft inner flesh.