Famous Paintings

Paintings were one of the first pieces of art created by man. This quiz is about some of the most famous paintings of all times. Put your knowledge to the test with this quiz.

Are you good with your memory?

This test will show you if you have memory problems, and in this case you should seek for medical help, or if your memory is good, even perfect. Do you dare to take it?

Coinf of United States

The United States Mint has minted over 20 different kinds of coins, of many different sizes. Often, it is difficult for people to get a grasp of each of them. If you think you know them, take this…

Multiplications Skills

Throw away that calculator on your phone and start doing math in your head! Take this basic math quiz, on multiplications, and see if you still have the skills.

Stage name of Musicians

 Fans know and love an artist by a certain name, the stage name , which is different than their real name in many cases. Do you recognize these musicians?