Celebrities Who Stuttered As Kids

This is about famous people who, surprisingly, stuttered as kids. Given the fact that they became famous in the whole world, they are even more remarkable for overcoming this  condition.

How Samuel Jackson overcame his troublesome childhood stutter?

He played Alisdair Stewart film "The Piano". Who is this New Zealand actor who had a very bad stutter as a child?

Which Academy Award winning, Mexican actor, associated with "Zorba the Greek", stuttered as a child?

This actor, known for the popular "Die Hard" series of films, once had a bad stutter. Who is he?

This Australian singer and actress began her career on the television series, "Neighbours" before launching out into singing. Who is this performer, who stuttered as a child?

As well as being a more than famous singer, he also had 33 movies and 3 television specials before his early death in 1977 at the age of 42. Who was this childhood stutterer?

Who was the star of the "Notting Hill" film, who had a marked stutter as a child?