Famous Bears

There are some famous bears in the world. Do you happen to know them? Bear with us for this quiz and test your knowledge on bears.

This bear is is probably the most famous bear in the world. He was first called Edward, and later his name changed. What's his name?

This bear is a creation of writer Michael Bond, who came across a teddybear left on the shelf of a London Store Christmas Eve and decided to buy the bear as a gift for his wife, naming it after the area of London that they lived in. Shortly after Bond began to write stories about the bear. What is this bear called?

This bear is the heraldic figure of a German city and a well sold souvenir in this town. What's his name?

This bear was named after an US baseball star. He first appeared on TV screens in the 60's, along with Boo Boo and his girlfriend Cindy. He lives in the Jellystone National Park where he made life miserable for Ranger Smith. What's his name?

This bear is from the story of the Jungle Book and is a good friend of Mowgli. What is the name of this bear?