Famous Paintings

Paintings were one of the first pieces of art created by man. This quiz is about some of the most famous paintings of all times. Put your knowledge to the test with this quiz.

Who painted this mysterious lady?

This is a self-portrait of a famous painter from Netherlands. Who is he?

This English painter, famous for his landscapes painted "Salisbury Cathedral from the Bishop's Grounds". Who is he?

"Girl With A Pearl Earring" is an exquisite work, referred to as the Dutch Mona Lisa. Who painted it?

This american artist painted "Tea" in 1880. It portrays two women having the afternoon tea, part of the daily ritual of the successful middle class of the time. Who is the painter?

"Girl With a Hoop" was painted in 1885 by a famous french artist. Who was he?

"Le boulevard Montmartre un matin d'hiver" translates to "The Boulevard Montmartre on a Winter Morning". It was painted in 1897 and portrays the view from painter's room at a hotel in the center of Paris. Who is this Danish-French painter ?

"The Bedroom", painted in 1888, was one of a group of paintings he did of his room, during his sojourn in France. Who is this Dutch post-Impressionist painter?