Fantasy Literature Quiz

Fantasy Literature is a challenging genre, there’s a whole other world out there, so you must be pretty sure of your knowledge about it to take this quiz.

One of kaddarsgirl's favorite fantasy novels is a story about true love between a princess and a farm boy. Which 1973 novel by William Goldman did she recommend, with such famous locations as the Fire Swamp and the Pit of Despair?

Which of these titles was the first written for Terry Pratchett' series about Discworld?

Shorthumbz didn't enjoy fantastic fiction until discovering a series by Diana Gabaldon, which mix fantasy with history, adventure, mystery, and romance in 18th century Scotland. Which series is that?

Dcpddc478's second suggestion for an interesting fantasy novel involved a post-apocalyptic novel by Jack Vance. Which one is that?

Which of the following Arthurian novels, written by Marion Zimmer Bradley, tells Morgaine's tale?

"The Looking Glass Wars" trilogy tells the 'true' story of a character from which of these classic tales?

Which series does Kyle assert is a good read, despite its length and despite the fact that you could watch the HBO TV show about it?