Interesting facts about Celebrities

Here are some interesting facts about famous actors and celebrities. So interesting that about some of them you won’t believe they are true. Curious? Have fun with this quiz.

Actor Christopher Lee was a direct descendant of which great European leader who was crowned on Christmas Day, 800?

Wanda McKay was an American model and film actress who died in 1996. McKay however wasn't her original name. What was it?

When American actress and beauty queen, Hope Hampton, was honeymooning in Egypt with her new husband, they had an encounter there with an important sheikh. What happened?

An epic film of 1962 set on the Arabian peninsula, and notable for having no speaking roles for women, starred which famous British-Irish actor notorious for his drinking and bad behaviour in real life?

In 2005, Grabowiec, a village in Poland, named one of its streets after a character that the great actor, Alec Guinness, made famous.

James Bond's impeccable actor Roger Moore announced in 2014 he would no longer drink martinis. Why?

Which actor, connected to Rosebud, once remarked "I hate television. I hate it as much as peanuts. But I can't stop eating peanuts"?