Multiplications Skills

Throw away that calculator on your phone and start doing math in your head! Take this basic math quiz, on multiplications, and see if you still have the skills.

If you strung 12 necklaces, each of which had 11 beads, how many beads did you string?

If 9 kids each ate 2 pickles, how many pickles were eaten?

If you gave 5 cats 8 cuddles each, how many cat cuddles did you give?

If 9 kids each built 8 sandcastles, how many sandcastles were built?

If you saw 3 scary movies, each of which had 6 monsters, how many monsters did you see altogether?

If 5 dogs each buried 4 bones, how many bones were buried?

If 6 towns each had 7 picnics, how many picnics were there?

If 11 kids each dove into the pool 4 times, how many dives were performed?