Music Quizz

Music makes the people come together. Do you agree with that?:) This is a Music Quiz for the Real Fans! How much do you know about your music? Check it by taking this free quiz here.

What artist's real name is Stacy Ferguson?

What was the first single Kelly Clarkson released after winning American Idol?

In his hit "Beautiful Girls," Sean Kingston samples what classic R&B song?

Gwen Stefani has recorded songs with all of the following artists EXCEPT:

Avril Lavigne provided the voice of what character in the movie Over the Hedge?

What year did Green Day release Dookie, the band's major-label debut?

Beyoncé was a member of which band before embarking on a solo career?

What was the best-selling album of 2006?

Where was Shakira born?

Justin Timberlake appeared on what television show before becoming a pop star?