Old Scool Hip Hop Music Quiz

Old-School Hip Hop (also spelled “Old Skool”) describes the earliest commercially recorded hip hop music (approximately 1979–1983). There are a lot of fans of old school hip hop music out there, that would want to test their knowledge on it.

In the 1970s, an East Bronx gang named Savage Seven started to organize cultural events for youths. The gang members formed a hip-hop awareness group in 1973 called what?

DJ Kool Herc was hired to perform at what New York City club in 1975?

In 1975, DJ Grand Wizard accidentally created a new sound by trying to hold a spinning record in place. The sound became a major element of modern deejaying. What is it called?

Which famous DJ and a pioneer in hip-hop culture co-founded Zulu Nation?

Which of the following people is NOT an original member of the Rock Steady Crew that formed in 1977?

What song by the Sugarhill Gang was the first rap song to become a Top 40 hit, reaching #36 on the 1979 Billboard Hot 100?

What genre of rap did Ice-T help pioneer in 1983 with his singles "Body Rock" and "Killers?"

In 1988, after years of being neglected by mainstream media, hip-hop got its own show on what channel?

What hip-hop group's album The Score debuted at No. 1 and won two Grammys in 1997?

What member of the Wu-Tang Clan died in 2004 inside a recording studio just two days before his 36th birthday?