One Word Name Musicians

Prince performs at the 1991 MTV Video Music Awards Held in Los Angeles, CA on September 5, 1991. Photo by Frank Micelotta/Getty Images

Sting, Madonna, Cher, Bono, Bjork, Beck, Enya, Coolio, Eminem, Flea, Pink, Moby, Morrisey, Xzibit, Nas, Nelly, Prince, Seal, Ciara, Adele, Dido – do you know more?:) There are a lot of  actors, actresses, singers, who are known by one name. Test your knowledge on this music quiz to see how much you know about them.

This British singer's 2011 album "21" and 2008 album "19" won her multiple Grammy Awards. Who is this acclaimed singer?

This artist has had success as a solo artist and with the group The Police. As the lead singer of the Police, he won the Grammy with the hit "Every Breath You Take" in 1984. As a solo artist, he won Grammy award for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance with the song "If I Ever Lose My Faith in You". Who is he?

This artist was once married to model Heidi Klum. He had hit singles with songs like "Crazy" and "Kiss from a Rose". Who is he?

This artist is the bassist for the band the Red Hot Chili Peppers. His name is similar to an insect. Who is this musician?

This musician was featured on Ja Rule's 2001 hit called "Always on Time". Who is the singer?

Saul Hudson played lead guitar for Guns N' Roses and performed in the rock group Velvet Revolver. What is Saul Hudson's stage name?

Coolio recorded the song "Gangsta's Paradise" for the soundtrack to which 1995 movie?

This artist has sold millions of records and has drawn a lot of attention with her controversial music videos. She had hit songs like "True Blue", "Like a Prayer" and "Vogue". Who is this she?

This artist changed his name to a symbol in the early 1990s. This singer had hits like "Purple Rain" and "Kiss". Who is this royal celebrity?

This rap artist from Detroit, Michigan has an alter ego named 'Slim Shady'. Who is this rapper?

This singer from Iceland is known for her eclectic musical style and dress style. Who is she?

She named herself after a color. She has had top hits such as "Get the Party Started", "Just Like a Pill" and "So What". Who is this singer?