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Stage name of Musicians

 Fans know and love an artist by a certain name, the stage name , which is different than their real name in many cases. Do you recognize these musicians?

Old Scool Hip Hop Music Quiz

Old-School Hip Hop (also spelled “Old Skool”) describes the earliest commercially recorded hip hop music (approximately 1979–1983). There are a lot of fans of old school hip hop music out there, that would want to test their knowledge…

Famous Musical Couples

Let’s have a look at the most prominent couples in the music industry. Some of them had hits inspired by their love and their breakup. Gwen Stefani and No Doubt bandmate Tony Kanal show a…

One Word Name Musicians

Sting, Madonna, Cher, Bono, Bjork, Beck, Enya, Coolio, Eminem, Flea, Pink, Moby, Morrisey, Xzibit, Nas, Nelly, Prince, Seal, Ciara, Adele, Dido – do you know more?:) There are a lot of  actors, actresses, singers, who are…

Jazz Music Quiz

“I’m gonna rouge my knees. And roll my stockings down. And All That Jazz.” This quiz is for Jazz Lovers Only!

Music Quizz

Music makes the people come together. Do you agree with that?:) This is a Music Quiz for the Real Fans! How much do you know about your music? Check it by taking this free quiz here.