Test your Cat Knowledge

It sounds crazy, but 15% of All Internet Traffic is Cat-Related. Do you get your cat all the time? Test your cat knowledge with this free quiz and get to know more about your lovable fur ball.

Why does your beloved feline eat grass...and then produce a pile of vomitus with grass strands for you clean up?

Why is your cat pressing her forehead to yours and what's this behavior called?

When your cat lays on her back with her legs wide open and sleep like this , what is she trying to tell you?

Your kitty takes one sniff of the pate de foie gras for which you paid $20.00 a tiny jar and scratches vigorously at the carpet you set her dish on. What is she telling you?

Both adult female cats and humans produce this nourishment to feed to their growing and developing offspring?

Which bone forms the tail end in both humans and cats?

Both cats and humans have a number of biological systems that function effectively to maintain an internal balance; how many?