The Sopranos

The Sopranos is a great pop-culture masterpiece of its days, a fearless series that has transformed television. How much of the story of Tony Soprano do you know?

During the first few episodes of "The Sopranos", who was boss of the Essex County crime family?

How does Livia find out that Tony is seeing a psychiatrist?

In the final episode of the first season, who gets whacked for being an FBI informant?

Which married couple on the show have also been married in real life?

What is the actual last name of Tony Sirico's character, Paulie Walnuts?

What does Gloria Trillo throw at Tony during one of her outbursts?

What name did Adriana give the nightclub she receives as a gift from Christopher?

What is the name of Tony's Russian mistress?

Who is Vin Makazian?

When Christopher comes up short in his payments to Paulie, he and Jackie Jr. rob the auditorium box office during a concert at Rutgers University. Who was performing at the concert?

Tony's high school friend, Davey Scatino, owns what type of store?