Xtreme Sports Quiz

Living on the edge: How extreme your knowledge is on extreme sports? Test it out with this quiz!

Which of the following is not a real trick performed by bicycle stunt riders?

In speed climbing, what structure are athletes pretending to race up?

Which of the following is not an extreme sport?

The first X-Games competition was held in what year?

Which of these sports activities do most Americans participate in?

Which of the following is not a real skateboarding trick?

At the 2001 Summer X Games what pop singer stopped by to hand out Moto-X medals?

The first National Skateboard Championships—televised on ABC's "Wide World of Sports"—was held in what year?

When an athlete does a "drop in," he or she is most likely to be where?

World-class skateboarder Tony Hawk blew the lid off the 1999 Summer X Games by successfully completing what trick for the first time ever in competition?